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  • What services are offered in the management of property purchase, sale, and rental?
    We provide professional assistance at every stage of the property buying and selling process, including market research, negotiation, contract drafting, and legal support.
  • What services are included in rental management?
    Our rental management covers a variety of services, from drafting and declaring contracts, to support during the rental period, including issuing receipts, carrying out periodic inspections of the property, representing you at condominium meetings, among others.
  • What does support in the rental process consist of?
    We take care of the entire process, from drafting the contract to its legal formalization, ensuring that all relevant clauses are included and that the contract complies with current legislation.
  • At what frequency is the receipt issuance service performed?
    We issue receipts regularly and continuously during the contract period, providing tenants with documentation proving rent payment, in accordance with the standards established by tax authorities.
  • How can I be informed about the property's condition when there is a change of tenant?
    We conduct detailed inspections at the entry and exit of tenants, documenting the property's condition and ensuring a smooth transition between renters.
  • What criteria are established for tenant selection?
    We use strict selection criteria, including credit history analysis, background checks and references, ensuring that we choose reliable and responsible tenants.
  • Do I need to update the rental value?
    We regularly monitor market conditions and contractual clauses relating to rent increases, ensuring that any upgrades are carried out in accordance with applicable legislation and in consultation with the landlord.
  • Is the property cleaning service included in the rental management?
    We coordinate and supervise all the necessary maintenance and cleaning tasks, ensuring that the property is kept in a suitable condition for the tenants. This service is included in our Premium plan and costs extra per hour.
  • What actions should I take in case of a property breakdown or immediate repair need?
    We have a team of qualified professionals ready to deal with any repairs or maintenance problems that may arise, guaranteeing a quick and efficient response to emergency situations.
  • Can you represent me at condominium meetings?
    Yes, not only do we represent the interests of the owners at condominium meetings, but we also participate by contributing to discussions and decisions related to the rented property.
  • How can I keep up to date with correspondence sent to the address of a property that is rented under your management?
    We are responsible for checking and forwarding mail received at the property address to owners or tenants, ensuring that no important documents are lost or overlooked.
  • Can you expedite the payment of property-related expenses?
    We take care of paying all expenses related to the property, including utility bills, condominium fees and other operating costs, as agreed with the owner.
  • How can I be informed about the property's condition?
    We conduct periodic visits to the property to ensure its maintenance and security, and we prepare detailed reports that include information on the overall condition of the property, any identified issues, and recommendations for future maintenance.
  • What does a personalized property search include?
    Personalized property research involves a detailed analysis of our client's needs and preferences, followed by a careful search for properties that meet the established criteria.
  • What can we expect from RAMKO's market research?
    Our market studies provide a comprehensive overview of current and future trends in the real estate market, including information on prices, supply and demand, and other relevant variables to assist in decision-making.
  • How do guided tours of the surrounding area work?
    On guided tours of the surrounding area we offer our clients the opportunity to get to know the neighborhood or place where their desired property is located better, including amenities, infrastructure, transport and other important aspects of the surrounding environment.
  • What services are included in bank financing support?
    Support for bank financing involves guidance and assistance in obtaining financing for the acquisition or construction of real estate, including analysis of loan options, necessary documentation, and follow-up on the process with financial institutions.
  • What does the support and tax registration offered by RAMKO cover?
    Support and tax registration include advice on tax matters related to the purchase, sale, or rent of real estate, as well as assistance in the preparation and submission of necessary tax documents.
  • Insurance solutions include identifying our client's insurance needs and offering suitable coverage options to protect their real estate assets, including home insurance, life insurance and other relevant policies.
    Insurance solutions include identifying our client's insurance needs and offering suitable coverage options to protect their real estate assets, including home insurance, life insurance and other relevant policies.
  • How does the budget presentation for construction or remodeling projects work?
    The budget presentation involves the preparation of detailed cost estimates for construction or remodeling projects, including materials, labor, and other associated costs. We also request quotes from our partners so that our client can compare prices and select the best offer.
  • What does the material selection for projects entail?
    We provide specialized consultancy in the selection of construction and finishing materials, considering criteria such as durability, aesthetics, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • What are execution reports and how are they useful for clients?
    Execution reports provide regular updates on the progress of the construction or remodeling project, including information on meeting deadlines, quality of work performed, and any challenges encountered during the process, as well as sharing photos of the work done.
  • What services are included in the drafting of plans?
    Drafting plans involves creating detailed technical drawings that represent the spatial and functional distribution of a space, including floor plans, sections, elevations, and other elements necessary for understanding the project.
  • How do the 3D projects offered by RAMKO work?
    3D projects utilize advanced technology to create realistic three-dimensional representations of the designed spaces, allowing our clients to visualize the final result even before the start of construction or remodeling.
  • What are the main aspects addressed in interior decoration and furniture selection for interiors?
    Interior decoration includes the selection of colors, textures, furniture, accessories, and decorative elements that contribute to creating harmonious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments, according to the preferences and lifestyle of our client.
  • What does the non-habitual resident (NHR) regime involve and how can you help clients with it?
    We explain the Non-Habitual Resident Regime in detail and offer specialized advice for clients who fall under this regime, helping them to obtain tax benefits and comply with legal obligations.
  • How do you support clients regarding Social Security and Tax Authority services?
    We offer comprehensive support for issues related to Social Security and the Tax Authority, assisting clients in understanding procedures, filling out forms, and complying with tax obligations.

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